Çeşme Marina

Çeşme Marina is a world-class marina located in the beautiful coastal town of Çeşme, Turkey. It is a popular destination for yacht owners and sailors from all over the world, offering state-of-the-art facilities and services that cater to the needs of both recreational and professional sailors.

The marina is situated in a prime location, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Greek island of Chios. It is easily accessible by land and sea, with a modern highway connecting it to the city of Izmir and an international airport just a short drive away. The marina can accommodate up to 400 boats, ranging in size from 8 to 60 meters, and offers a range of services including fueling, maintenance, and repair.

One of the main attractions of Çeşme Marina is its luxurious amenities. The marina features a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars, serving delicious local and international cuisine. There is also a shopping center, a fitness center, and a spa, providing visitors with a range of leisure activities and relaxation options.

For those who enjoy water sports, Çeşme Marina offers a range of activities such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, and scuba diving. The marina also hosts a number of events throughout the year, including sailing regattas, music festivals, and cultural exhibitions.

In addition to its world-class facilities and services, Çeşme Marina is committed to environmental sustainability. The marina has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the local ecosystem. These include using renewable energy sources, recycling waste, and promoting eco-friendly practices among its staff and visitors.

Overall, Çeşme Marina is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in sailing, luxury travel, and environmental sustainability. With its stunning location, top-notch facilities, and commitment to sustainability, it is a true gem on the Turkish coast.


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